Welcome to Eco Green Pellets

Eco Green Pellets is a real alternative. In the home kitchen, Eco Green is an alternative to wood, kerosene and even LPG. In the commercial food service kitchen, Eco Green easily replaces conventional cooking fuels like LPG, diesel, etc. Moreover, Eco Green’s service and distribution network across major cities and various sub-metros in India, makes it a solution our customers can easily depend on. Eco Green offers an integrated solution: a combination of a uniquely designed ‘micro-gasification’ device or stove and a biomass-based pellet fuel. When used together, the Eco Green solution delivers efficiency & value that are higher than conventional cooking devices that use LPG and diesel.

  • Provide secure and reliable access to fuel.
  • Spread the use of biomass energy.
  • Saves substantially with convenient, cost-efficient solution for household consumers.
  • Saves over 50% of the fuel bills for restaurants, caterers and canteens.
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