Solid Bio-Fuels/ Biomass Pellets

Eco Green range of eco-friendly, carbon neutral solid bio-fuels/biomass pellets are made out of left over organic residues. They can effectively help meet the energy and heat generation needs in the residential, commercial and industrial segments, and replace conventional fossil fuels such as coal, without the need for significant changes in existing energy generation technology, thereby significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

An incredible real alternative to save environment and making “Go Green” worth!

Eco green pellets - What are they?

Our Eco Green Pellets are Solid Bio-Fuels or Biomass Pellets which is an extremely eco-friendly and successful range of energy generation and consumption as compared to the conventional counterparts. The Eco Green Pellets are carbon neutral solid bio-fuels - biomass pellets that are made up of agro residues, saw dust and other waste material which means they are using raw materials from the waste and converting them into biomass fuel to conserve energy.

What are the uses?

Our skilled professionals design good quality of Eco Green Pellets to meet the energy and heating requirements for many consumers in India. Due to its robust structure and integrated biomass model these biomass pellets are a no-risk proportion for users. They are far better alternative than LPG, diesel and kerosene. These Eco Green Pellets can accurately meet the energy and heat generation needs for many villages in India where using LPG and kerosene are pretty harmful to the health of family members. The fumes are fatal to lives but biomass pellets are safe form of energy. Let’s see their uses – • Best for residential cooking use • Good for restaurants and commercial uses • Cost effective solution for industrial segments • Very effective in bulk production in industries

We specialize in producing Eco Green Pellets with biomass fuel thereby contributing to saving environment and making people aware of the harmful effects of other energy resources. Do not worry about reliability as our team is certified and licensed from Government of Madhya Pradesh.

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