Eco stove is a remarkable eco-friendly solution for using stove as compared to conventional stoves used in Indian societies and elsewhere. Out Eco stove runs on carbon neutral made from biomass residues which are a renewable source of energy. One of the biggest advantage or our Eco stove is that it has conveniently replaced the other harmful use of fuel for cooking and other purposes such as - LPG, DIESEL, KEROSENE, WOOD OR WOOD CHIPS.

Now you can understand if a stove is not using all these mentioned above then how beneficial and safe the biomass fuel would be for our lives and our environment. As the biomass fuel is made from the residues it has no hazardous effects on the environment making it safe for all to use.

How does it work?

Biomass Eco stove is an energy saving combustion device which burns biomass pellets and fuel to conserve energy and reduce harmful emissions offering a cleaner and eco-friendly cooking solutions for homemakers, restaurants and hotels. We develop different kinds of eco stove as per the need and specifications of users. The cost of maintenance and other elements is almost nil with our Eco Stove thus they are not heavy on the pocket. It comes with some salient features as compared to its counter parts. Such as – • Excellent and sturdy design • Best raw material used • Less maintenance cost • Cost –effective • Checked on quality parameters • Abrasion resistance

Contact us if you wish to save lives and contribute to eco-friendly environment. Our biomass pellets and fuel is one of the it’s kind in India delivering 100% customer satisfaction.